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Soft Landscaping

Renew your garden with Primrose Landscapes (UK) Ltd

What is Soft Landscaping?
Soft landscaping concerns the garden elements that do not involve construction. These could include trees, shrubs, and flowers, as well as container gardens, potted plants, and hanging baskets. Changing the soft elements of the landscape is a cost-effective method of transforming your property.

Why choose Primrose Landscapes (UK) Ltd?
Primrose Landscapes (UK) Ltd has been the set of hands behind an array of prospering UK gardens. We work to the contours of your property, selecting plants we believe will best accentuate your home. Primrose Landscapes (UK) Ltd takes pride in every garden, keeping aesthetic appeal and the homeowner’s personal tastes at the forefront of our approach.
We source plants directly from growers and have recently begun to grow and supply our own plant varieties. Primrose Landscapes (UK) Ltd promises to transform your outdoor space, granting it flair and alluring botanical scents that will set you apart from everyone in the neighbourhood.

We specialise in:

  • Plant sourcing

  • Turf and seeding

  • Seasonal bedding

  • Planting hanging baskets and containers

  • Interior plant maintenance

  • Floristry and seasonal interior decoration

From tall trees with slender boughs, to multicolour flowers across the perimeters. We’ve honed a creative team of trusted landscapers, able to advise you on the ideal materials to embellish your property.

For inspiring gardens and reliable maintenance, get in touch with Primrose Landscapes (UK) Ltd on 07885 505 504.